Old time string band duo

Nashville, Tennessee


The Family

Their passion and respect for the traditional mountain genre and their joy at being young, in love, and making music together comes through in their performances.
— Chuck Poling, California Bluegrass Association
Foggy Mountain Bluegrass Festival, Pacifica, CA

Foggy Mountain Bluegrass Festival, Pacifica, CA


The Family Shipp (previously Redwood Ramblers)  is less a band and more of a study of place and time. Playing old time Appalachian music in today's Instaculture is significant to them. It means slowing down, unplugging, and looking backwards with the hope of reconnecting to a more joyful and meaningful present. 

Joseph is from Tennessee. Michelle is from Los Angeles. They have been playing music together since 2012. Created in San Francisco, now residing in Nashville.


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